It’s important to not only take care of your own health, but also the health of your most valuable asset, your home. By getting your air duct cleaned by a professional like Bactronix, you will be removing contaminants from the air and in return, the effects of dust and mold are greatly reduced. Below are 5 reasons why you should considering spending the money to get your air ducts cleaned sooner rather than later.

  1. Allergies: If you fail to regularly get your air ducts cleaned, dust and other contaminants can cause harm to your family. Children under 4 are particularly vulnerable and the result can be allergies or asthma. Also, air ducts provide an ideal environment for bacteria, mold and other allergens to grow.
  2. Mold: Any moisture trapped inside of an air duct may cause mold and mildew to grow in and around the ductwork. Bactronix has been treating mold for decades, so once your air ducts have been cleaned, we are able to treat any mold growth and do our best to prevent it from coming back.
  3. Dust: Have you noticed that after dusting your home, the very next day you need to do it again? The reason is that dust continues to flow through the inside of your house due to a dirty air duct. You are also most likely breathing in drywall dust and construction debris from when your home was built if your air duct has never been cleaned.
  4. Pets: Fur and dander from pets can hinder the efficiency of an HVAC system. Clumps of pet hair can slow down the airflow for the entire system. This fur can contain living germs, fungus and allergy-causing bacteria, all of which can be flowing through your air duct.
  5. Efficiency: Years and years of pet fur, pests, dust, hair and other contaminants will prevent an HVAC system from working to its full potential. A proper air duct cleaning will remove the buildup and promote proper air flow. This cleaning will also remove unwanted spiders, insects and rodents that have been hiding in the duct.

Below are a few before and after pictures of what we have done for clients in the past.

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